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The sturdy toroidal flux residing within the low-latitude tachocline, producing a photovoltaic exercise in a given cycle is thus the product of the shear amplification of poloidal fields fashioned near the floor about 2 – three photovoltaic cycles earlier, i.e., the model has a memory” extending to a number of cycles. That doesn’t simply mean that e-commerce websites have to look attractive (though they do): they have to be usable (quick and easy to navigate around without irritating or confusing people), reliable (customers expect sites to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and for pages to load without delay), and secure (because no one is prepared to type their credit card details into a website that isn’t safe).

We first consider αΩ models without meridional circulation (up = 0 in Equations (24, 25)), with the α-term omitted in Equation (25), and using the diffusivity and angular velocity profiles of Figure 5 We will investigate the behavior of αΩ models with the α-effect concentrated just above the core-envelope interface (green line in Figure 6 ). We also consider two latitudinal dependencies, namely α ∝ cos θ, which is the minimal” possible latitudinal dependency compatible with the required equatorial antisymmetry of the Coriolis force, and a α-effect concentrated towards the equator 6 via an assumed latitudinal dependency α ∝ sin2θ cos θ.dropshipping

In particular, Cameron and Schüssler ( 2008 ) have argued that the well-known spatiotemporal overlap of cycles in the butterfly diagram (see Figure 3 ), taken in conjunction with the empirical anticorrelation between cycle amplitude and rise time embodied in the Waldmeier Rule ( Figure 22D ; also Hathaway, 2010 , Section 4.6), could in itself explain the precursor performance of the polar field strength at solar activity minimum.

Like conventional αΩ models relying on meridional circulation to set the propagation direction of dynamo waves (see Section 4.4.2), the meridional flow must remain unaffected by the dynamo-generated magnetic field at least up to equipartition strength, a potentially serious difficulty also shared by the Babcock-Leighton models to be discussed in Section 4.8 below. 7 Figure Cycle Review –

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1 a). To ensure that we detected distinct SNAP-CENP-A pools, it was necessary to treat cells with SNAP-block (bromothenylpteridine, BTP) each cell cycle to quench SNAP-CENP-A produced in the previous cell cycle (Additional file 1 : Figure S1c, d). The fluorescence intensity of total CENP-A and cell cycle-specific pools of SNAP-CENP-A at sister chromatids was measured at all centromeres using a custom imaging script.

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(63) The adoption of this Directive will not prevent the Member States from taking into account the various social, societal and cultural implications which are inherent in the advent of the information society; in particular it should not hinder measures which the Member States might adopt in conformity with Community law to achieve social, cultural and democratic goals taking into account their linguistic diversity, national and regional specificities as well as their cultural heritage, and to ensure and maintain public access to the widest possible range of information society services; in any case, the development of the information society is to ensure that Community citizens can have access to the cultural European heritage provided in the digital environment.

Nevertheless, when coupled with the nearly nonexistent correlation between the decay time and the cycle amplitude, even the weaker link between the rise time and the maximum amplitude is sufficient to forge a weak inverse correlation between the total cycle length and the cycle amplitude ( Figure 5 ). This inverse relationship was first noticed by Wolf ( 1861 ).

A smoothed version of this time series (black) is fitted, one magnetic cycle at a time (green), with the equilibrium solution of the truncated dynamo model of Passos and Lopes ( 2008 ); assuming that variations in the fitting parameters are due to variations in the meridional flow speed (VP), the coarse time series of vp of panel B (in green) is obtained, scaled to the magnetic cycle 1 value and with error bars from the fitting procedure.

The first post-helioseismic dynamo model based on the Babcock-Leighton mechanism is due to Wang et al. ( 1991 ); these authors developed a coupled two-layer model (2 × 1D), where a poloidal source term is introduced in the upper (surface) layer and made linearly proportional to the toroidal field strength at the corresponding latitude in the bottom layer.

Stochastic forcing of the dynamo number can also produce a significant spread in cycle period, although in the model run used to produce Figure 25 the very weak positive correlation between cycle amplitude and rise time is anti-solar (the Waldmeier rule has r = -0.68, based on smoothed monthly SSN, cf. Figure 22D ), and the positive correlation between rise time and cycle duration (r = +0.27, not shown) is comparable to solar (r = +0.4). It must be kept in mind that these inferences are all predicated on the use of total magnetic energy as a SSN proxy; different choices can lead to varying degrees of correlation.

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Such simulations are ideally suited for investigating a number of important issues, such as the mechanism(s) responsible for regulating the amplitude of the solar cycle, the magnetically-driven temporal variations of the large-scale flows important for the solar cycle, and the possible impact of a cycling large-scale magnetic field on convective energy transport, to mention but a few.

While the large-scale solar magnetic field is axisymmetric about the Sun’s rotation axis to a good first approximation, various lines of observational evidence point to a persistent, low-level non-axisymmetric component; such evidence includes the so-called active longitudes (see Henney and Harvey, 2002 , and references therein), rotationally-based periodicity in cycle-related eruptive phenomena (Bai, 1987 ), and the shape of the white-light corona in the descending phase of the cycle.

It is probably essential in mean-field and mean-field-like dynamo models characterized by positive α-effects in the Northern hemisphere, in order to ensure equatorward transport of the sunspot-forming, deep-seated toroidal magnetic field (see Sections 4.4, 4.5, and 4.7), unless the latitudinal turbulent pumping speeds turn out significantly larger than currently estimated (Käpylä et al., 2006a ). It also appears to be a major determinant in the evolution of the surface magnetic field in the course of the solar cycle.

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