How E Commerce is the New E Commerce

No one knows more about ROI than the financial services industry: they spend billions on digital marketing annually, and that number is steadily increasing. While many financial institutions are taking advantage of email marketing’s ROI, there is a notoriously low adoption of marketing automation throughout the industry.

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Why is that? One reason is the multitude of strict regulations that the finance industry faces that often makes customer communications challenging. Another is the generalization the finance industry just isn’t exciting enough to warrant dynamic email marketing automation.

But that hasn’t stopped many finance businesses from taking advantage of the time and resource-saving aspects of marketing automation. Before we jump into examples, let’s answer the question: what is email marketing automation?

images-9Email automation lets you set up campaigns in advance for new and returning customers. Advanced automation, like you’ll see in the examples below, lets you send emails that automatically pull in content from your website based on timing, location and/or customer behaviors. As a result, you can deliver emails that are consistently updated with fresh, new content, saving you a ton of time and resources. anik singal inbox blueprint

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Here’s how smart businesses in the financial services industry are taking advantage of email marketing automation.

Acquire new card members

Applying for a new credit card is highly personal experience – customers want to know that your card is right for them. Email automation lets you personalize a message by automatically pulling in your prospect’s name to personalize the card art in your message. You can even display live APR information, alleviating call center inquiries and ensuring that the information presented in your email is always up-to-date.

Deliver real-time account information

Banking customers need a easy and secure ways to view their account information. The problem? Traditionally, banks have sent “snapshot” emails that contain information that is often outdated by the time it reaches the customer, providing a confusing experience. But with email automation, you can automatically pull in secure, up-to-the-minute account information from your API, allowing customers to view their account balances, points and more in real-time. inbox blueprint 2.0 reviews

Create 1:1 experiences for asset management

Cultivating trust and maintaining communication are top priorities for brokers – and email automation can help with both. You can send emails personalized with broker names, phone numbers and even include a map that updates in real-time and helps your customer find their local office. The result is an email that makes it easy for your customers to get in touch any time they need to.

Automatically send stock information

Stock prices are always fluctuating. Help your investors keep tabs on the stocks they care about the most right in your emails. Email automation lets you provide up-to-the-second stock data related to your investor’s preferences automatically. Every time someone opens your email, the data will update in real-time. It’s like having your own personal stock ticker, right in your inbox.

Reward loyal card members

Want to improve customer retention and reward members of your loyalty program? Send an email that automatically updates with your customer’s latest points and shows them which rewards they’re eligible for. Automated emails ensure their rewards information is always up-to-date, enabling them to take action faster and use their points more frequently.


Email automation is a win for the financial services industry

Trust and security are key for developing customer relationships in the financial services industry. Email automation is the ideal solution for sending highly-personalized, valuable content in a secure way. To learn more about how the finance industry uses email automation, check out The Email Marketing Guide for Financial Services.

How to Fight Lex Luthor Using Only Email List Building

Jason Calacanis wants to build the next media empire on the back of an old standby: email, specifically email newsletters.

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On Monday, Calacanis launched a site called, which functions as a Kickstarter-style system for identifying topics ripe for their own recurring “top news of the day” email newsletter. Topics that snag 1,000 sign-ups will see their own newsletters produced by Calacanis’ team.

The building blocks of the newsletters will be two or three sentence summaries of stories from major publications, and links out to those stories.

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“We are going to launch 250 of these [newsletters],” Calacanis tells Business Insider. His current “beta” roster includes eight newsletters, which range from “Inside San Francisco” to “Inside Electric Vehicles.” Collectively they have built a collective audience of over 100,000 over the past eight months, he says.

The problem with news apps

Calacanis is the active angel investor and serial entrepreneur who sold Weblogs to AOL for $30 million in 2005. But it was a frustrating moment in his career that led him to, not one of his successes.

“We tried to make a news app,” he explains. “It would be the Uber or Twitter of news … Everyone agreed with that premise. There was a whole cohort [of startups] that were invested in to do that … And they have all failed pretty hard.” Calacanis ascribes this failure to two thing: app-building is expensive from a technical perspective, and getting a news app into people’s daily workflows is extremely hard.

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“Half a million people downloaded the app, and about half gave their email,” he recounts. “Only one percent of them used the app every day.”

So Calacanis started an experiment. His team would email the top 10 stories of the day to the email addresses they had gotten. They saw 40% usage versus less than 1% on the app. “40x the return,” he says. “And it cost 90% less. We didn’t need any of the developers.”

Screen Shot 2016 09 18 at 5.06.37 PMBusiness Insider

The audience relationship

Calacanis isn’t the only one to discover the power of a lean email newsletter operation. For instance, the “morning briefing” cult hit TheSkimm, which launched in 2012, had grown to over 3.5 million subscribers as of April.

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But Calacanis is banking on a relationship with his audience to drive to success.

The first piece of that relationship is letting the audience pick the newsletters that get made through the Kickstarter-inspired system.

The second is the ability for readers to “reply” to any of the newsletters and have their emails be read by the team.

“We are actually spending about a third of our time encouraging people to reply and then interacting with them,” he says. “If I reply, somebody will actually get back to me. That really changed everything.”

Readers are correcting the newsletters, correcting the source material, and participating in an ongoing discussion about whether the newsletters are too left-leaning. “Are we  treating Hillary with kid gloves?” Calacanis asks. And he says this relationship will continue to evolve.

This intimate reader relationship is also what Calacanis says will help his team lean away from “linkbait.”

“People who sign up for the email are opting into curation,” he says.

These readers aren’t just seeing a headline pass them by on social media, so there’s not the necessity for a big hook to get them interested. Instead, the content of the email is focused on a succinct summary of each story. “It’s an executive summary [of the news] in the vertical or verticals that you care about,” he says. Even if readers don’t click through to all of the articles, Calacanis wants his readers to walk away informed.

And he’s not worried about publications feeling he is stealing the meat of their stories. “If you are fair to people, they will respect ‘fair use.’ If you are unfair, people will sue you and write letters,” he says.

The money question

As to money, Calacanis sees revenue coming from both ads and patronage. “1-5% of people who consume media want to support it,” he says.

But the big key to success will be keeping costs down, Calacanis says. “There’s no infrastructure, no printing press, no fancy office, no big level of mid-management. There’s two or three writers working on a vertical, and they can hit publish.

“We think this is the key to scaling it,” he says.

6 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drastically Improve Your Efforts in 2014

Its a well known fact: If you need to rank high on Google’s web search tool comes about pages (SERPs), you have to make backlinking a need.

The more backlinks you get from definitive sites, the more trust you’ll have according to Google, the more movement it will send you and the all the more all the more excellent leads you’ll produce for your business.

The issue, however, is most connection exploration and backlink checker devices are exorbitant, and when you’re bootstrapping a startup, you cash is best apportioned somewhere else.

While much has been composed on backlinking, little has been composed on backlinking for bootstrapped startup authors. Here are seven backlinking techniques for when you have a shoestring spending plan.

1. Turned into a journalist on a power site.

While a few specialists will need you to trust visitor blogging is dead, truly visitor blogging is still a reasonable third party referencing system, in the event that it’s done accurately and reliably.

In the past times of blogging, you would pitch a visitor post, compose it, and afterward move onto another site.

Today, essayists like James Clear and Neil Patel aren’t simply visitor blurbs on power destinations – they are writers. Having a high power space routinely connecting back to your site must mean great things for your positioning.

2. Team up with influencers in your field.

It doesn’t make a difference what industry you’re in, what you’re offering or where you need to run with your online business, associating and working together with influencers helps you go further, speedier.

Why? It manufactures trust.

At the point when your clients see you co-making an item, benefit, blog entry or asset with a trusted power, it gives you social verification.

The more trust you have, the more probable different influencers will connection to your substance and, you got it, the better your positioning on Google. In truth, it isn’t generally simple or fast to team up with a mover and shaker in your industry, yet the result is tremendous.

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3. Make an epic asset.

Getting saw in today’s boisterous world is harder today than any time in recent memory.

With more than two million blog entries distributed each day, the 400-word list posts that were at one time a staple of blogging no more suffice.

To emerge, you don’t need to yell louder, you simply need to welcome others to come to you. The most ideal approach?

Make an epic asset, for example, an extreme guide, a contextual analysis or an examination sponsored report. One that exhibits your aptitudes, information and ability and leaves specialists no decision yet to connect back to you.

Digital Product Blueprint 2016 Review

4. Get met on podcasts.

Getting highlighted on definitive podcasts is a standout amongst the best methods for achieving new gatherings of people.

What a great many people don’t understand, however, is it’s generally a standout amongst the most underrated external link establishment systems in an advertiser’s toolbox.

Here’s the means by which it works. Whenever you go on a podcast, and you’re asked where audience members can take in more about you, rather than guiding them to your landing page like other people, make a meeting redesign – an asset that adds to what you talked about in your meeting, and direct them to that. Will you get more pick ins, as well as get a top notch backlink from a legitimate podcast site.

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5. Do turn around visitor posting.

We’ve all be there – investing hours pitching visitor presents just on hold up days without an answer.

With converse visitor posting, the tables are turned. Rather than pitching to different writers, you welcome them to compose on your site.

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Numerous bloggers have a page on their destinations with a rundown of the visitor posts they have distributed. With your’s additional to the blend, that is a simple backlink – one that requires insignificant exertion on your part. In the event that you can’t secure a major name to include on your site, attempt somebody from a shoulder corner why should looking venture into new markets.

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6: Use ‘The Posterboy Formula.’

Formulated by Bryan Harris, The Posterboy Formula includes composing a tribute for an item or administration in return for a connection back to your site.

Consider it. Each business needs to demonstrate to imminent clients that their items and administrations work. That is the place you come in. In the event that you accomplish comes about because of utilizing an item or administration, tell the organization. They look at great without flinching of others, and you get a brilliant backlink for your inconveniences. Everyone wins.

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Whether you’re an advertiser or a home loan merchant, you have to organize backlinking. Without it, your site will battle to rank, and your business will languish over it.

As we’ve seen however, backlinking doesn’t have to be an excessive illicit relationship. You can get backlinks without breaking your bank or bankrupting your time. You’ve watched others do it. Presently, it’s your turn.

The Benefits of Trading the Forex Market

I know it sounds cliché, but losing truly is part of winning, especially in trading. If you want to become a complete trader who truly knows how to trade properly, you must learn how to lose properly in addition to actually learning how to trade.

I know this isn’t perhaps a ‘fun’ topic to discuss, and you may not even want to read this article, but I promise you that is a huge mistake. You simply will never make money as a trader if you don’t understand the importance of losing properly in the market and how to do it.
So, for those of you who are looking for an ‘easy fix’ or ‘fast money’ without any losses, you may as well stop reading now. For the rest of you who truly want to have a chance of making consistent money trading the markets, read on…
Prime your brain for losing properly…
All too often, I see beginning traders trying to avoid losses in a number of different ways. It seems that people are pre-wired by nature to try and avoid losses, it’s a normal tendency. But, when it comes to trading, this pre-wired trait does us significant damage and will even result in blown out trading accounts and irreversible damage, if you allow it to.
Unfortunately, losses are part of trading, if they weren’t, everyone on Earth would be a billionaire, and we all know that isn’t possible. The simple reality of trading, is that you are going to have losing trades one way or another. If you don’t take predefined, calculated losses, you are going to take big, potentially account-blowing losses eventually. Remember; you can delay losses, but you cannot avoid them altogether, and there is typically a direct correlation between how long you delay a loss and how big it becomes.
As a trader, you need to simply view losses as a ‘cost’ of doing business in the market. Any business has costs that need to be overcome in order to turn a profit. If you own a restaurant you have operating costs like food, labour, rent, utilities, book keeping, etc. If your revenue surpasses all of these costs, you will turn a profit, if not, you lose money.
So, in trading, your costs are losing trades, broker fees / commissions and perhaps any equipment costs like a laptop etc. If you start viewing losing trades as just a part of the costs of trading, you will begin to shift your thinking from ‘trying to avoid losses’ into trying to MANAGE losses.
Why you need to learn to lose properly
By learning to lose properly you will be learning to control your losses below a predefined dollar amount per trade; the trade’s ‘R value’. The great thing is that YOU decide how much money you risk on any one trade, so that ability gives you the power to eliminate any ‘surprises’ and thus any emotion from your losses in the market.
Traders experience pain and frustration from losers for two reasons:
They ‘expect’ to win on a trade but instead they lose.
They lose more money than they are emotionally prepared to lose per trade.
Luckily for you, these two things are very easy to fix if you’re ready to be honest with yourself and face reality. To manage your expectations of a trade, you simply have to understand that any one trade can be a loser and that you never can know ‘for sure’ which execution of your trading edge will be a winner and which will be a loser. Thus, you should never ‘expect’ to win any given trade, no matter how ‘good’ it looks.
For the exact reason just discussed, you should never risk more money on any given trade than you are totally emotionally / mentally OK with potentially losing. That is to say, because you can’t know for sure WHICH trade will win and which trade will lose beforehand, you simply cannot go jacking up your risk beyond levels you aren’t totally emotionally / mentally Ok with losing. IF you do it anyways, it’s your fault you lost more than you’re OK with and all of the emotional trading mistakes you make in the wake of that mistake are your fault and yours alone.
The take away from all this, is the following: In order to lose properly you have to first prime your trading mindset to shift how you think about losses. You have to shift from trying to avoid losses to trying to accept them and learn how to manage them. You have to shift from expecting to win every trade, to remembering that you won’t win every trade no matter what, and you don’t know which ones you will win and which ones you will lose, so have no expectations and don’t ever risk more than you are OK with potentially losing on any one trade.
How to lose properly
OK, so you’ve read the above section and you have accepted the nature of trading for what it is; a random distribution of winning and losing trades.
Now, let’s discuss in 5 simple steps how you can lose properly on any given trade that you take:
Step 1:
The first step to losing properly (as discussed in the above section) is accepting that you will have losing trades no matter what. Once you accept this, you can move on to the next step, which is about devising a plan to minimize your losses as much as possible.
Step 2:
Next, determine the dollar amount or R value you are comfortable with potentially losing on any one trade. As I’ve written about before, we do not measure risk in pips or percentages, we measure it in dollars or pounds, euros, etc.
Step 3:
Now, you need to calculate your position size on the trade. You do this by first finding the best place to put the stop loss, and then you figure out how many lots you can trade so as to not exceed your predetermined R value on the trade. Remember to place your stop loss based on surrounding market structure (price action / key levels) not on greed or emotion.
Step 4:
Set and forget the trade. After you have set the trade up and input all the parameters: entry, exit (stop loss and profit target) and position size, it’s time to forget about the trade for a while. One of the biggest steps to learning to lose properly is simply not interfering with your trades. Most of the time, simply removing yourself from the equation after your trade is live, is the best idea, and for all beginners it’s what I recommend.
Step 5:
Don’t try to avoid the loss. This is where psychology comes in and can mess you up. You absolutely cannot make huge mistakes like moving your stop loss further away as price approaches it. You have to remember you can’t avoid the loss, eventually it will catch up to you, even if you happen to ‘avoid’ it this time, you will be building a bad habit that will eventually result in a huge account-ending loss. You’ve got to stay true to your strategy and remained disciplined and accept that the market will stop you out sometimes for your predetermined 1 R loss. As I discuss in this article on risk management, a successful trade exit can be either a winner or a predetermined loser. If you take that loser as you planned, that is still a successful exit, even though it’s a loss. Success is sticking to your plan and being disciplined.
Final thoughts on losing properly…
Please do not blow this lesson off, if you do, it will be the biggest mistake you make as a trader. You’ve got to put your ego and your desire to win every trade aside, because both of those things are only going to cause you to lose money in the market, and I know you don’t want to lose money.
Trading is difficult for most people because they cannot come to grips with the FACT that they are going to have losing trades as well as winning trades. Most people screw up the losing trades by trying to avoid them, and by doing this they create a ‘monster’. This monster is bad trading habits that ultimately lead to an account-destroying loss.
The only way to win at trading is to control and manage your losses so that when you do have winners, they will be able to easily offset any recent losers you’ve had and then some, leaving you with profit. Remember, it’s just like owning a business; your revenue must exceed your costs to make a profit. To learn more about how to manage losses and build your own trading business, click here.

At the point when discussing different speculations that are open to practically everybody, there is one write that springs to mind. The Forex or outside trade market has numerous points of interest over different sorts of tradin. Since it is an OTC (over-the-counter) advertise, the Forex business sector is open 24 hours a day, not at all like the standard stock or ware markets. Most speculations require a lot of cash before you can exploit that venture opportunity. You just need a little measure of cash-flow to exchange Forex. Everybody can enter the business sector with as meager as $1 to exchange a “small scale account”, which permits you to open positions of 1,000 units. One parcel of 1,000 units of money is equivalent to 1 contract in smaller scale account. Every “pip” or “tick” (littlest money rate development up or down) is worth $0.10 benefit or misfortune, contingent upon wheather you are running with the business sector or against it. A Forex scaled down record gives you control more than 10,000 units of coin, where one pip is worth $1.00. While a standard record gives you control more than 100,000 units of cash, and a pip here is generally worth $10.00.

Forex is additionally a standout amongst the most fluid markets. At the point when exchanging monetary forms on the spot Forex market you have full control of your capital, implying that you can purchase and offer your positions at whatever time amid business sector open period. This is a clear preferred standpoint on the grounds that, on the off chance that you have to utilize your record cash, it can be gotten to promptly without extra commission or holding up periods. Numerous different sorts of ventures require holding your cash up for rather drawn out stretches of time.

Likewise, in Forex, with a little measure of cash, you can control greater business sector positions utilizing the influence or edge exchanging. Influence of 1:100 is normal in the Fore market. It permits you to control sums 100 times greater than your capital, while influence of 1:500 and 1:1000 can be found with some seaward organizations.

Forex merchants can be gainful in bullish or bearish economic situations. Securities exchange merchants need stock costs to ascend keeping in mind the end goal to take a benefit, since short-offering is a subject as far as possible in stock trades. Forex dealers can make a benefit amid both uptrends and downtrends. Forex exchanging is legitimately viewed as unsafe yet with a decent exchanging framework to take after, great cash administration aptitudes, and some level of self-control, the dangers of Forex exchanging can be minimized extensively.

The Forex business sector can be exchanged at whatever time and anyplace. For whatever length of time that you have admittance to a PC and web, you can exchange the Forex market. A vital thing to recall before hopping into exchanging monetary forms is that it merits honing with “paper cash”, or “fake cash”, on the demo account. Most remote trade specialists have demo accounts where you can download their exchanging stage and practice progressively with genuine business sector information however with “virtual cash”. While gainful demo exchanging can’t promise your prosperity with genuine cash, honing can give you a colossal favorable position to wind up better arranged when you begin exchanging with your genuine, hard-earned cash.

Retail merchants simply beginning in the forex business sector are regularly caught off guard for what lies ahead and, all things considered, wind up experiencing the same life cycle: first they make a plunge head first – for the most part losing their first record – and after that they either surrender, or they step back and do somewhat more research and open a demo record to hone. The individuals who do this will regularly in the long run open another live record, and experience somewhat more achievement – making back the initial investment or turning a benefit. To stay away from the misfortunes from quickly plunging into forex exchanging, this article will acquaint you with a structure for a medium-term forex exchanging framework to kick you off on the right foot, help you spare cash and at last turn into a beneficial retail forex merchant. (For foundation perusing, look at Top 4 Things Successful Forex Traders Do.)

Putting resources into outside coinage is a moderately new parkway of contributing. There are significantly less individuals know about this business sector than there are individuals mindful of a few different boulevards of contributing. Exchanging outside cash, otherwise called forex, is the most lucrative speculation showcase that exists. There are a few variables that make this valid among which, fruitful forex brokers procure reasonable benefits of one hundred or more percent every month. Contrasted with a portion of the better referred to speculation markets, for example, corporate stocks, this is an unbelievable quantifiable profit. It’s extremely important to say here that a man who puts resources into forex must, no matter what, make it a point to take in the itemized, yet straightforward systems and data encompassing the business sector. This very reality is the thing that has the effect between fruitful forex brokers and different merchants.

A couple of extra focuses, which make such intense influence for speculators inside the forex business sector are: The measure of capital required to start putting resources into the business sector is just three hundred dollars. Generally, some other venture business sector is going to request a huge number of dollars of the financial specialist in the first place. Additionally, the business sector offers chances to benefit in any case what the course of the business sector might be; In most usually known markets speculators sit and sit tight for the business sector to start an up pattern before entering an exchange. And still, at the end of the day, financial specialists, when in doubt must sit and hold up some more to have the capacity to leave the exchange with a pleasant benefit. Given that the forex market creates a few up, down, and sideways patterns in a solitary day, it can undoubtedly be seen that forex stands head and shoulders above different markets. Also there are exchanging techniques, which are shown that accommodate aggravated benefits; these are benefits on top of benefits. Also, free demo records are accessible inside the business of forex exchanging, which encourage the honing of aptitudes without the danger losing any capital. Furthermore, the favorable position with respect to the time element in exchanging outside coin is an exceptionally alluring point for any financial specialist. Contrasted with a standout amongst the most looked for after roads of contributing, which frequently requires forty or more hours every week, to be specific in the land advertise, the forex market requires a much littler interest on the financial specialist’s chance. Forex exchanging requires roughly ten to fifteen hours every week to win a full time wage. It’s anything but difficult to see that the points of interest and extraordinary influence that exist in the forex market, make it among the most lucrative, time freeing, and simple to enter by a wide margin.

I trust this data gives you a reasonable comprehension of how you can transform your putting into a genuine strategy for profiting work harder for you

Why Medium Term?

Things being what they are, the reason would we say we are concentrating on medium-term forex exchanging? Why not long haul or fleeting methodologies? To answer that question, how about we investigate the accompanying correlation table:

Sort of Trader Definition Good Points Bad Points

Short-Term (Scalper) A dealer who hopes to open and close an exchange inside minutes, frequently exploiting little value developments with a lot of leverage. Quick acknowledgment of benefits or misfortunes because of the fast fire nature of this sort of trading. Large capital and/or hazard necessities because of the substantial measure of influence expected to benefit from such little developments.

Medium-Term A merchant ordinarily hoping to hold positions for one or more days, regularly exploiting deft specialized situations. Lowest capital prerequisites of the three since influence is fundamental just to help profits. Fewer open doors on the grounds that these sorts of exchanges are more hard to discover and execute.

Long-Term A merchant hoping to hold positions for a considerable length of time or years, frequently constructing choices with respect to long haul basic factors. More solid long-run benefits since this relies on upon dependable central factors. Large capital prerequisites to cover unpredictable developments against any vacant position.

Presently, you will see that both transient and long haul dealers require a lot of capital – the principal sort needs it to create enough influence, and the other to cover unpredictability. In spite of the fact that these two sorts of dealers exist in the commercial center, they are regularly positions held by high-total assets people or bigger assets. Consequently, retail merchants are destined to succeed utilizing a medium-term procedure. (For additional, read How Successful Forex Traders Manage Profits.)

The Basic Framework

The structure of the methodology secured in this article will concentrate on one focal idea: exchanging with the chances. To do this, we will take a gander at an assortment of strategies in different time allotments to figure out if a given exchange merits taking. Remember, nonetheless, this is not a mechanical/programmed exchanging framework; rather, it is a framework by which you will get specialized information and settle on a choice based upon it. The key is discovering circumstances where all (or most) of the specialized signs point in the same bearing. These high-likelihood exchanging circumstances will, thus, for the most part be beneficial.

There are numerous points of interest over the different methods for contributing. Above all else it is a 24 hr market, with the exception of days obviously. You have the US showcase then the european and after that the Asian. One of the colossal times to exchange is amid the over lapping time frames. The USA and european cover between 5am and 9am eastern and the Euro and Asian between 11pm and 1am eastern. Generally the busiest time and best to exchange.

The is likewise the danger component for the records. With prospects and choices you can get edge gets that can wipe you out. On the off chance that you get got in an awful exchange not just do you lose the cash in the record yet you may need to think of alot more from your pocket. It can be extremely gambling. Be that as it may, not in Forex. Most pessimistic scenario senerio you could lose whats in you account. In any case, you would need to accomplish something truly idiotic. Like making a major exchange on a Fundamental day and allow it to sit unbothered. On the off chance that business sector takes

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A lot of people have been ‘burnt’ from scam operations on the Internet. Their sites may look so perfectly legitimate that you doubt whether they would have gone through all that trouble building a trading platform just to steal your money. Beware.

The first thing I look for is the geographical location of the broker. If I find that they are based in a country where the financial industry is, in my opinion, relatively unregulated and under-developed, I quickly forgo signing up. This is terrible news for honest brokers in those countries, but your job as a trader is to protect your capital. If you lose that, then you cannot trade. The onus is on them to convince you that they will do the right thing by you as an investor.

I started out with an Australian broker. Currently I am using an American one. I have not tried UK-based brokers but the British financial industry is one of the best. Companies that are based in countries such as Japan , Germany and France are probably just as good too, if their website speaks your language.

Notice any license numbers that they may have registered with regulatory bodies that act like government watchdogs who oversee the finance and investments industries. These are organisations that impose strict rules to safeguard your investment. Some of these rules may include the requirement that brokers segregate all customer funds from the operational funds of the business. Your money is required to be put in highly-reputable banks and the funds are only withdrawn from these accounts upon specific withdrawal requests.

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Take note that there are some fake regulatory bodies being thrown around in cyber-space as well. Take a look at how long they have been operating for. Try and search out any reviews or comments made about them. See if you can find forums where traders have discussions about their brokers.
Everyone knows the main reward of becoming a successful trader is money. But you will be rewarded with a lot more than just money if you become a successful trader, in fact, money is arguably the least valuable reward you will receive from achieving consistent success in the markets.
The most valuable rewards of becoming a successful trader are the less tangible ones; self-discovery, self-improvement, true personal freedom and the real meaning behind virtues like patience and discipline. These are the things that will stick with you forever and that will improve and enhance your life as well as your relationships with other people, much more so than just money alone can…
1. What freedom actually feels like
In my opinion, the single biggest reward of being a successful trader is obtaining true personal freedom from jobs and the 9 to 5 rat race. Trading provides you with the tools and the ability to escape what I call modern-day ‘slavery’.
It won’t be easy, it may not happen at all for you, but for me, I am extremely happy that by learning to trade, we can potentially earn our own freedom and escape the ‘matrix’ that is working constantly. Like it or not, in today’s society, the game is money, and you either play the game or you live a mediocre existence, at best. I was never the type of person to settle for that or to just accept I had to spend my whole life working for some company and give them the best years of my life in return for money, and far less than what I was actually worth.
So, for me, learning what true freedom feels like is the greatest reward of becoming a successful trader. All the money in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have any time to enjoy it, and trading the way that I do; swing trading with a focus on higher time frames and a ‘set and forget’ approach, allows me to have and enjoy the most valuable commodity; time.
2. How to evaluate the risk vs. reward of anything
If you make it to the point of being a consistently successful trader, you will also most certainly be a master of determining the risk to reward of any situation, service or product. The mindset of a successful trader is one that is constantly gauging risk and simultaneously figuring out what the potential reward might be, to ultimately make a decision. This of course is necessary for trading, but it’s also a great skill to be able to employ in just about any other situation in your life.
For example, let’s say you need to get a different car. If you are thinking about the purchase from the mindset of a trader, you will carefully consider the risk vs. reward of buying a new car or buying a used car. Through that process, you will probably come to the conclusion that the risk of losing approximately 11% of a new car’s value as soon as you drive it off the lot, is probably not worth the reward of having the car when you can probably find the same car a little used and effectively get a 11% discount on it. Not everyone thinks like this about every situation, but successful trading will ingrain this type of thinking into you, and that’s almost always a very good thing.
3. The true value and meaning of patience and discipline
Everyone knows that patience and discipline are very important and valuable virtues, but few people truly understand just how powerful they can be like a successful trader does. The only way to get to the point where you are making money in the markets over a period of months, is by being consistently patient and disciplined.
This all might sound cliché to you at this point, but that’s only because it’s so true; patience and discipline will make you money faster than anything else when it comes to trading. I’ve written numerous articles explaining why this is true, so I won’t get into all of the details in today’s lesson. But, you should realize that one of the greatest things you will learn by becoming a successful trader, is what patience and discipline actually means and how valuable they are. After all, to become a successful trader, you must learn to be patient and disciplined in the face of constant temptations (to over-trade and to over-leverage), and not many people can do that consistently.
Successful trading will teach you how to control yourself in tempting situations by being focused on the long-term reward rather than what ‘feels’ good ‘right now’.

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4. How to grow and improve as a person
The process of becoming a successful trader and the things you have to accept and change inside of yourself to become one, will ultimately lead to you become a better version of yourself. You will not find a lazy, messy, impatient and undisciplined person who is also a successful trader; that person does not exist. The end result, or perhaps the ‘side-effects’ of becoming a successful trader, are that you have true freedom, you have mastered your own mind, you understand the potential risk reward of any situation you may find yourself in and perhaps most importantly, you’ve become a better version of yourself.
5. The power of simplicity
Finally, perhaps the most life-changing thing that I learned becoming a successful trader, is the power of simplicity in not just trading, but all areas of my life. My discovery that simple was better when it came to my trading, was probably thee turning point in my trading career and as a result, in my life. Once I began to see the power of simplicity in trading, I started to apply that same philosophy to other areas of my life as well, where I also got rewarding results. I actually have written an entire article on this called the minimalistic trading approach, if you haven’t read it yet, you should.
The key take away from today’s lesson is that in order to become a successful trader, you need to develop and consistently implement the type of habits and processes that will not only make you money in the market, but will also make you become the best possible version of yourself. You should check out my trading course because it is the best way to start learning how to trade with these proper habits and processes.